Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Octopi and Whales Quilt
This quilt was given away on  my twin grandbabies' Fashion Blog to a lucky follower (see link below).  I rather like the crayonbox colors and repeating pictures, but not everyone wants such bright fabric in their nursery.  Luckily Daughter #3 helped embroider most of the 80 arms on those octopi!  Okay, maybe we cheated and only showed 6 legs.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

B Bears!  by Daughter #3.  Exquisite stitching, soft colors, pink flannel with brown polka dots.  Slightly larger crib quilt with hand-tied yarn and medium batting.  Yummy!

Animals, Animals!

These two crib quilts were made with compatible fabrics (I have twin grandbabies and realized the need for such things!) The olive green, buff, light blue, and other colors are reflected in each of the three fabrics used.  The blue quilt is slightly smaller since it has no border.  

Dancing Animal Crib Quilt

Ballerina Animals! It started with a very old transfer of a dancing elephant I found in my collection.  Third daughter and I copied or drew animal heads from other transfers, then I found this fabulous fabric on Amazon and had to create a giraffe and horse to go with the others.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bubbe's Blankies!

Bubbe's Baby Blankets are hand embroidered quilts made by Bubbe and daughter #3.
Each quilt features animals, children, teddy bears, or fictional characters. Custom orders welcome. We also make embroidered squares and let you sew your own quilt!